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Signore Demone is a game about collecting every possible thing to stop the forces of god. I hate writing paragraphs goodbye play my game. 

-Keyboard Controls-

WASD to move, U to jump, J for Melee, H for fire ,

K for special/duck  (hold down and press b,g or y for a skill)

Shift to run, I to bring up debug

-Gamepad Controls-

DPAD to move, x/A to jump, o/B for melee, square/X for fire,

L1/Lb for special (hold down and press L2/LT, R2/RT, or triangle/y for skill)

R1/RT to run

-Debug Controls-

R to restart game, T to restart room, I to close debug, O for last room, P for next room,

Z to save, X to load, M for Moon Jump, Click a point to teleport Demone there,

Middle mouse button at point to place a marker, right mouse button at point 

To delete object/collision 

Hint: If you jump into a wall then reverse your direction while holding jump, you can do a wallkick.


SignoreDemone 052819-1152P (IT1).rar 70 MB

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